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The Best Hot Dogs near San Diego You Need to Try Right Now

Hot dogs. They’re a delicious American staple that’s been a top favorite food for decades. And at times, they make amusing costumes for dogs, too.

While we can’t tell you where to find the best hot dog costumes for your pup, we can help you find the most delicious hot dogs near you. So, if you’re craving a delicious dog, check out these eateries for the best hot dogs near San Diego!

Doggos Gus

Everyone loves bacon and hot dogs. And if you add a bit of Mexican flair to these delicious dishes, you get an amazing hot dog from Doggos Gus.

Doggos Gus serves gourmet bacon-wrapped hot dogs with a Mexican twist, and they’re absolutely delicious. They’re made to order to guarantee freshness. Plus, you can add just about any topping, from pineapple to avocado to their secret jalapeño and chipotle sauce to create your perfect dog.

Want to see just how tasty the food is at this hot dog joint? Follow Doggos Gus on Facebook for pictures of their delicious dogs.

Duff’s Doggz

There are all kinds of hot dogs, but no matter what you’re craving, Duff’s Doggz can deliver.

Duffs Doggz whips up regionally inspired, Vienna-beef wieners and brats made with authentic ingredients for a tasty treat that’ll leave you wanting more with every bite. From Chicago style to New York style hot dogs, they can do it all. Want to dress it up with some homemade relish or other fixings? They have a bunch of those here, too.

Check out Duff’s Doggz on Facebook to get a peek at all the incredible dogs you can find at this San Diego eatery.

Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

The dogs at Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs are simple. No fancy toppings (aside from the classic chili, bacon, and cheese, of course), and no over-the-top ingredients. At this restaurant, the hot dog is the star and most delicious part of the meal.

But their food isn’t the only thing that makes them one of the best. Known for their friendly and clean environment, Nana’s is all about taking care of you and providing customers with the best service possible. If you ask us, that sort of dedication is sure to make your experience and your food more enjoyable.

To learn more about their simply delicious dogs and incredible service, connect with Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs on Facebook.