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Find a Tasty California Roll & More at the Best Sushi near San Diego

California is known for many things: state parks, sandy beaches, and Disneyland. It also has many Japanese restaurants to visit, especially in San Diego. One of the more popular types of cuisine in said restaurants in sushi. This Japanese cuisine typically consists of rice, seafood (cooked or raw), veggies, and occasionally tropical fruits.

There are many types of sushi rolls to bite into, varying in ingredients and heat. To try some out for yourself, be sure to check out any of the following places for the best sushi near San Diego…

Enjoy a Sushi Roll with Some Rock n’ Roll

At Harney Sushi, they believe in serving fresh and innovative sushi rolls. You actually won’t find a standard roll here. Instead, they offer over 30 gourmet specialty rolls. There are also over 40 wines and 30 sakes to pair with your chosen sushi. Plus, this restaurant has live music every week, so you can discover a new artist while you uncover a new roll.

There are many to choose from, including the Hope Roll, which consists of shrimp tempura, spicy crab, avocado, and seared tuna, wrapped in soy paper micro Asian greens, with wasabi aioli. For the more adventurous palate when it comes to spice, there’s the Flaming Lip. This roll consists of a tempura fried California roll and cream cheese, and topped with spicy mayo, jalapeño, and sriracha.

Check out the other types of sushi and live entertainment you’ll find here by visiting Harney Sushi on Facebook.

Serving Locally Sourced Sushi

Sushi Chef Ota was born in Japan and worked as a sushi chef in Kobe, Tokyo, and Osaka. A visit to San Diego in 1982 changed his life, as he was introduced to what he found to be the best tasting local sea urchin. As a result, he decided to stay in San Diego and opened Sushi Ota in 1990. This restaurant is committed to serving locally sourced sushi, as well as bring an authentic Japanese experience to all who visit.

There are various sushi rolls to try, including the Caterpillar Roll, which has eel, crab, and cucumber inside and is topped with avocado and eel sauce. There’s also the Pizza Roll, but this one doesn’t have sauce, cheese, or bread. It’s actually a California Roll topped with spicy mayo and baked with fantasy sauce, which is eel sauce mixed with spicy mayo.

To see photos of what they’re cooking up, check out the Sushi Ota Facebook page.

Have Some Sushi with Some Libations

Sushi 2 is probably just as known for their specialty drinks as they are for their sushi rolls. Not only do they offer plenty of food and drinks to enjoy, but they also have happy hour from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day, or all day on Mondays. Here’s when you can enjoy such specials as $3 Craft Beer and $4 Sake Bomb Specials. For the sushi, you can try a Katie Roll, which has shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and avocado topped with salmon.

There’s also the sushi with a kick, like the Azusa Roll. This one has shrimp tempura, crab mix, cilantro, and jalapeño topped with salmon, avocado, crunchies, and spicy mayo. For the drinks, enjoy a glass of a Julian Hard Apple Cider, a Modern Times Stout, or a Cherry Blossom cocktail. This cocktail is comprised of sake, orange and pineapple juice, Calpico (a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink), and lemon.

Visit Sushi 2 on Facebook to see the unique rolls and drinks you can get at this establishment.

Get Some Fresh Sushi near San Diego Today!

For a unique take on a classic Japanese dish, be sure to roll on over to any of these places near San Diego for some delicious sushi today!