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Vehicle Maintenance FAQs

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There are plenty of ways to have your vehicle serviced and maintained. Whether it’s a simple oil change, a battery inspection, brake repair, or a flush, it helps to get a better sense of these services with what they entail, and the benefits that your vehicle will get from it.

A lot of drivers throughout the San Diego, Chula Vista, and El Cajon area have come to us at Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego with their questions about automotive service and maintenance as well as the variety of services that their vehicles need—and when they need them.

We figured it would be easier to list all of our frequently asked questions about vehicle maintenance here. Look for your question below!

Tire Repair

Tire Repair Maintenance Tire Repair Maintenance Tire Repair Maintenance

Your tires serve an important function with your vehicle. They’re responsible for your vehicle’s movement, so they’re essential components. However, tires do endure their share of wear, so it’s important to have them regularly inspected and repaired.

When it comes to inspecting your tires, you’ll want to look for cracks or bulges on the sidewall or uneven tread wear. If you experience the vehicle pulling or vibration in the steering wheel, it could also stick out as a sign of tire issues. These signs can tell you that you’ll need to schedule tire repair soon.


Tire Balance

Transmission Repair

Transmission RepairYour vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important components because it’s responsible for your vehicle gaining momentum through the shifting of gears. It relies on transmission fluid, which not only acts as a lubricant and cooling agent, but it’s a hydraulic fluid as well—making it directly responsible for your transmission’s function.

However, when there’s a problem with your transmission, it will have an effect on your vehicle’s overall performance. Look out for slipping gears, jumpy accelerations, leaking fluid, or the warning light, and you’ll know it’s time for transmission service.

Most Common Transmission Problems

Dashboard Light Guides

Dashboard Light Guides Dashboard Light Guides Dashboard Light Guides

You may notice the symbols on your dashboard that can light up. Generally, they light up when you start the vehicle, but will soon go away after a few seconds. However, if a light stays on, it could mean that there’s an issue that you’ll want to have checked out.

There are actually two sets of lights that can appear on your dashboard. Indicator lights are merely letting you know that a system has activated, and once it’s off, the light will disappear. Warning lights, on the other hand, are red and they flash when there’s an issue or malfunction occurring with one of your vehicle systems.

Dashboard Light Guides

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After reading some of the answers to our frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to tell if it resonates with you and your current situation. From there, you’ll know to schedule service with us to have the issue resolved or the component repaired.

Did we answer your question? If you don’t see your question, please reach out and ask us so we can add it to the last. Of course, you can always schedule your service with us so your vehicle will perform at its best around San Diego, Chula Vista, and El Cajon!

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