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Why Is My Car Drifting And Pulling

Longer commutes and busier highways, makes driving more challenging than ever before. One study states that driving with kids in a vehicle is 12 times more distracting than talking on a cell phone.  With that being said, your car needs to be in the best condition possible to ensure each passengers safety.  If you’re like most San Diego families, you live a busy life, and keeping your car running its best is important for keeping you on your schedule.

A car at its best, should drive straight as an arrow.  Modern cars are engineered to minimize the effects of distracted driving, to keep you safe and on-track even if you take your hand off the wheel to change the car temperature settings, skip that pop song as soon as your kids exit the car, or take a sip of coffee.

However, many cars are not in the operating under optimum conditions, and drivers are likely to ignore the warning signs, often pushing it off to the point of needing major service.  Many cars drift and pull as you drive, making driving challenging, and in some cases hazardous.  Drifting and pulling is a warning sign for other issues.

There are a few reasons why your car might be drifting or pulling.

  • Low Tire Pressure – Low tire pressure causes your vehicle to pull more quickly as you accelerate.  Low tire pressure is dangerous in general, but there are some warning signs including bulging near the bottom of the tire near the road.

  • Wheel Alignment – Misalignment usually causes your vehicle to constantly pull.  Signs of misalignment include the following: your steering wheel is crooked when you’re driving straight, you feel vibration while braking, or you hear squealing from your wheels.

  • Uneven Tire Pressure – Uneven tire pressure can combine the effects of low tire pressure with an offsetting high tire pressure.  To get the most accurate tire pressure readings, take your vehicle to your service department, where you know you’ll get the best service.

  • Brake Problem – Having a brake problem, such as worn out brake pads or rotors can affect the distribution of braking power.  If your left brake isn’t working as well as the right, you’ll naturally pull to the right, and visa versa.

  • Uneven Tire Wear – This can be caused by unbalanced weight distribution, wheel misalignment, or driving too long with low or uneven tire pressure.  If the tires wear unevenly, they will have a different shape, making them naturally turn when you drive.

Drifting and pulling can negatively affects the way you drive.  It can also be a safety hazard, especially if you get into an accident.  There are only a couple of ways we control our cars.  We apply the gas and brakes, apply the clutch and shift gears (if in a manual), and we steer.  Without all of the mechanics of your vehicle in proper order, you might not be in full control of your driving.

To prevent placing yourself in a compromising position while on the road, get your car serviced regularly to prevent regular maintenance neglect from causing harm to your vehicle.  Daily driving in San Diego puts a lot of wear and tear on your car, and it’s easy to get distracted.  But keep yourself and your family safe by bringing your car to the service department immediately if you recognize any of the aforementioned warning signs.

Need Additional Information?

If you are still unsure if you’re car is need of a tire service, the service pros at Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego are more than willing to assist you with all your tire service needs.  Visit their Service Center at 5910 Mission Gorge RD San Diego, CA 92120 or call them at (888) 781-3388.