Toyota Camry vs. Toyota Corolla Fuel Efficiency

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The Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla are two of the most fuel efficient vehicles in Escondido, Kearny Mesa and San Diego. But which offers more fuel economy for your daily commutes? Read Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego’s guide to fuel economy for the Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla to find out.

Fuel Efficiency: Toyota Camry vs Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry

Fuel economy between the Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla is impressive, to say the least. This is because both vehicles come standard with advanced engines that work with Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (Dual VVT-i).

Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence works to help the engine use only the necessary amount of gas for the vehicle. This helps reduce that likelihood of wasting gas and decreased fuel economy.

However, both vehicles are not powered by the same transmission system, and because of that, fuel economy for the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota

Camry is different. With the Corolla’s standard 1.8L 4-cylinder engine and its Continuously Variable

Transmission with intelligence and Shift Mode, it’s able to get up to an EPA-estimated 37 mpg highway.

The Toyota Camry’s standard 2.5L I-4 engine works with an Electronically Controlled Automatic Overdrive Transmission with intelligence with Shift Mode. This powertrain allows the Camry to provide an EPA-estimated 35 mpg highway.

Comparing Fuel Efficient Models

The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla both come with a vehicle in their lineup that caters specifically to fuel economy. For example, the Toyota Corolla offers the Toyota Corolla LE Eco.

The Toyota Corolla LE Eco is powered by the same 1.8L 4-cylinder engine and fuel efficient transmission system as the other Corolla trims. However, the LE Eco’s engine comes with Valvematic technology instead of Dual VVT-i. Valvematic technologies allows the vehicle’s engine to perform more efficiently. This helps the Toyota Corolla achieve an EPA-estimated 34 combined mpg.

On top of that, the Toyota Corolla LE Eco also includes Eco mode. This adjusts the performance of the powertrain and various other items under the hood to operate more efficiently, which enhances the vehicle’s overall fuel economy.

The Toyota Camry offers its hybrid model to drivers looking for added fuel economy. It’s powered by a 2.5L engine, but unlike its gas-powered siblings, the Toyota Camry Hybrid also uses an advanced electric motor. This powertrain allows the vehicle to produce up to an EPA-estimated 40 combined mpg.

And to help the Toyota Camry Hybrid produce even more of a fuel efficient performance, Toyota has added an Energy Monitor. This shows you exactly how your engine, motor and hybrid battery are performing, so you get a better idea of what you can do to help improve fuel economy and performance.

Is the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla more Fuel Efficient?

Deciding which has more fuel economy between the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla would depend on which type of vehicle you’re looking for. If you’re interested in getting that gas-powered performance without sacrificing fuel economy, then take a closer look at the Toyota Corolla. If you’re looking for something that’s more fuel efficient than powerful, then consider the Toyota Camry and its hybrid model.

Regardless, the best way to really decide which model is best for you is to experience them both for yourself. So contact Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego near Chula Vista and Kearny Mesa and test drive the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry today.