The Best Barber Shops near San Diego CA

February 5th, 2020 by

There’s no better feeling than walking out of the barber shop with a fresh cut. Of course, considering how many barber shops there are throughout the San Diego area, finding the right one can be tough. There’s a lot to take into account—how their styling process is, how busy they get, and of course, how you can connect with the barber.

Luckily, we had our ears lowered in a few locations throughout the city, and we came up with a list of the best barber shops near San Diego that are worth checking out!

Freshly Faded

The team at Freshly Faded treat cutting hair more like an art form than a job. Their passion for executing the perfect cuts and fades is unrivaled. No matter the cut you’re looking for, whether it’s a trim, a fade, a taper, or you’re looking to completely change your look, you’ll be happy with the end result. While they can do it all, each barber has their own special skill set—like the A-team of cutting hair. They even have a shop where you can pick up some apparel, accessories, and even hair product to help you keep your fresh fade looking top notch.

Mister Brown’s Barbershop + Social

Mister Brown’s Barbershop + Social is catered to the fashion-focused male with their cutting-edge styles and trims. They feature vintage chairs to encompass the nostalgic barber shop experience while adding some contemporary flare and style. The key ingredient to the Mister Brown’s experience is not only the stylish cuts, but the social aspect, with plenty of fun amenities like a pool table and cocktails. They offer plenty of great services, from regular cuts, hot shaves, and even beard trims!

Pappy’s Neighborhood Barbershop
Part of the barbershop experience is the camaraderie and community, which is the exact mindset at Pappy’s Neighborhood Barbershop. This shop includes the classic barbershop look, with the rustic chairs, the checkered floor, and even an old fashioned refrigerator packed with refreshments. Not only is this a great spot to get your hair cut, but also a place to hang out and chat with your neighbors. They offer plenty of classic barber services like fades, tapers, straight razor neck shaves, and more. Take a trip down memory lane in Pappy’s Neighborhood Barbershop.

Check Out the Best Barber Shops near San Diego
The next time your hair is getting longer and it’s starting to grow over your ears, or you simply need a trim, check out any of the best barbershops near San Diego listed above! You may even find your new regular barber who can keep you looking your best with each visit!

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