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Category Archives: San Diego Toyota Service

When Do You Need Your Brakes Replaced

You may not think about it much, but your brakes are one of the most important performance and safety features in your car. It’s best to always make sure that they’re in working order. With routine maintenance and replacements at professional service centers like Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego, you’ll stay safe as you travel […]

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When to Replace your Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers are one of the hardest working parts of your Toyota. They wipe away everything from the San Diego rain to dust to dirt for good visibility and safety. But like all other automotive parts, they’ll wear down with time, decreasing their functionality and your visibility. This can result in a collision. With […]

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When to Replace your Air Filter System

Some would say the air filter is the unsung hero of your vehicle’s performance. That being said, many drivers neglect their vehicle’s air filter and don’t recognize that they need to replace it after certain time. Part of this reason is because not many drivers know exactly what an air filter does and when it’s […]

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How to Diagnose a Broken Car Air Conditioner

  On hot summer days, a properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial because there’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic without any cold air blowing on your face. Drivers who live in San Diego, Kearney Mesa, and Escondido can attest to how brutal it is to drive with a broken air conditioning system in […]

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How to Change a Flat Tire on your Toyota

A flat tire occurs when you least expect it. And what happens when you have a flat tire in a remote area where cell phone reception is poor? This is why you need to be able change a flat tire without calling for assistance. Here’s how to do it. Always Be Prepared Planning will go […]

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