Chocolate Shops near San Diego, CA

February 5th, 2020 by

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re well aware of the various dessert shops around San Diego. However, if you’re craving chocolate, it may help to find the best rather than settle for what’s in the candy aisle at your local convenience store. There are a few chocolate shops near San Diego where you can find some sweet, savory, and flavorful chocolate that will keep you coming back.

Here’s some of the top chocolate shops near San Diego, CA!

Sweet Petite Confections

The brains behind Sweet Petite Confections blends flavor and fashion into some tasty and alluring sweets. They craft seasonal selections that not only provide a taste reminiscent of the season, but with a design that perfectly encapsulates it. They also specialize in barks that offer stylish patterns on top of the impressive flavor, or the caramels, which include cute designs throughout the box. What sets this chocolate shop apart is that on top of offering chocolate making classes, they even hold chocolate pairings, so you can see where chocolate fits with your favorite wine, beer, and accouterments!

Chi Chocolat

If you’re seeking out great chocolate that you won’t be able to find in the supermarket, you may want to head to Chi Chocolat. This artisanal chocolate shop crafts some delectable goodies that will bring your appreciation of chocolate to new heights. Whether you’re looking for some tasty bites, gifts to give, or tasty snacks for a get-together or function, Chi Chocolat can do it all. Drop by and pick up some of their premium chocolates like artisan truffles, bonbons, or simple slabs of chocolate—you won’t be disappointed!

Dallmann Fine Chocolates

Dallamann Fine Chocolate specializes in finely crafted chocolates that encompass interesting and exotic flavors. They make the flavors in-house and are constantly challenging themselves to make new and unique flavors and menu items. The menu changes each season with several ingredients and flavors to help be a delicious complement to the weather outside. Order some of their creations like Cardamom & Bloodorange, Bacon & Applewood smoked salt chocolates, or even Dark Truffle, among many other flavors. They even offer classes to help you sharpen your chocolatier skills!

If you’re on the hunt for some show-stopping chocolate, you may want to head out to these specialty chocolate shops near San Diego for some tasty and exotic finds!

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