Places to Watch the Game near San Diego CA

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It’s that time of the year again—for big tennis matches, baseball games, and most importantly, major league football. Maybe you and your friends have become regulars at all the local bars, or, perhaps you’re just looking for a new place to sit back and relax after a hard week of work. If you’re currently wondering where you can go catch the next televised sports event, that’s where we come in!

We decided to put this guide together discussing some of the best places to watch the game near San Diego, CA. Keep reading to find out more about these fun and welcoming sports bars, as each will offer a unique vibe, brews, and food!

Pitchers Sports Bar

Vaulted ceilings, large windows, and state-of-the-art pool tables characterize this bar. Their space is equipped with three full-sized pool tables, two dartboards, nine flat screen televisions, and a 106-inch HD projector. We also suggest that you check out their extensive draft list, which has everything from your standard lagers to bitter double IPAs.

Regardless of what sport interests you, Pitchers can easily accommodate a number of programs at any given time. But it’s not the televisions and beer that’ll keep you around. This team prides themselves on the quality of the atmosphere and the friends that you can make while you’re there. You can even head outside to the patio bar during the warmer months.

Look at their Facebook page to learn more about Pitchers Sports Bar, including regular hours, food menus, and special events updates.

Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill

Situated right on San Diego’s Mission Beach, Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill will provide you with an unforgettable experience. You’ll have scenic ocean views from the skydeck, the chance to taste award-winning fish tacos—if you prefer—and a selection of craft cocktails and tequilas.

Not only have they gotten praise for their tacos, but Sandbar Sports also received admiration for their ambiance, breakfast, and margaritas. When you come for a visit, you can expect a youthful and lively atmosphere. With high-top round tables, tasty meals, and several televisions, you won’t have any problems keeping up with that evening’s sports game.

Check out the Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill Facebook page to stay up-to-date with events, business hours, and company photos.

Time Out Sports Tavern

If you want a place that will offer much more than your regular sports bar, then you should head to Time Out Sports Tavern. In addition to your standard gameday beers, they have 29 craft beers on rotation, over 40 bottled craft beers, and a sizeable liquor collection. The best part is that the tavern has always been locally owned, so you know that you’re in for a memorable night.

Of course, you and your friends are searching for a new place to watch sports. That’s why Time Out Sports Tavern has every television package to spectate any sport that you could want. Drive over for a quick drink and bite to eat, browse what games are on, and enjoy a night out with your friends at this family tavern.

Take a moment to check out their Facebook page to read more about Time Out, such as hours, specials, and testimonials.

Grab a Seat and a Drink!
We hope that you’re as excited as we are to visit these places to watch the game near San Diego, CA. Whether your friends want to play a round of pool, eat some bar food, or have a few craft beers, you can’t go wrong going out for a night at one of these spots.

The next time that you’re looking for a place to watch the game, don’t hesitate to check out Pitchers Sports Bar, Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill, or Time Out Sports Tavern.

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